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Sherol & Shevon wins our Maths Challenge 2021-22 Award

This is a story of the achievement of two students of us from the same household. We conduct regular Revision Tests every fortnight as we want our students to make sure they retain what they learn. Whoever achieves 100% mark, three in a row in their revision tests will be awarded. We proudly announce again that our students Sherol and Shevon (sister and brother) have won this challenge.

Diamond Tutors student Sherol
Sherol with her tutor George | 25 Nov 2022

Sherol is currently in year 7 in school. Few years ago she joined our maths tuition in Croydon - Diamond Tutors.

She was found able to learn fast, however she needed to build her confidence in maths, particularly when facing exams because of lack of understanding of the skills she had around that time. So a revision plan in parallel along with learning new topics were introduced and followed.

Sherol started gradually progressing well. However, time to time in the revision exams she was still showing a bit of carelessness because of lack of knowledge in how to handle exams and how to prepare for it. Then she learnt the techniques from her tutor how to prepare and handle exams effectively.

When she started following the advice of her tutor George, she began to performing very well in exams. She showed a significant development in her confidence in maths and at some point she produced 120/120 marks for her maths test in SATs - 2022 exam.

When the Maths Challenge was introduced by Diamond Tutors, she thought at the beginning, that she would not be able to win and it would not do any effect overall in her ability to learn maths. However, gradually she began to realise the importance of trying the challenge. Then with a great determination she started to well prepare and do the tests with the guidelines and help of her tutor.

Eventually, she has won the challenge now and proven that she is smart. We anticipate that she would always remember the techniques she learnt and aim higher in her career as a smart student. God bless her.

Shevon is currently in year 4 in school. Few years ago he joined our maths tuition in Croydon - Diamond Tutors.

Diamond Tutors student Shevon
Shevon with his tutor George | 25 Nov 2022

He was found naturally gifted to learn well, however he was found expressing overconfidence when it came to facing exams. So he was not consistent in producing a good outcome in his maths examinations conducted by Diamond Tutors, due to lack of proper revisions. But he had an ambition to become the best student in maths in school. For that, he needed a lot of mentoring to overcome his reluctance in following the guidelines set out by his tutor.

Through continuous motivation and coaching by his tutor George, eventually Shevon realised the importance of adhering to and practicing the useful tips and guidelines provided by his tutor.

When the Maths Challenge was introduced by Diamond Tutors, he did not take it serious first in place and thought it would be very easy for him to win. His reluctance in revising and preparing for the exams led him to unsatisfactorily perform in his exams. However, gradually he began to realise the importance of following the guidelines especially when trying the challenge. Then, with a great determination he started to well prepare and face the tests with great confidence.

Eventually, he has won the challenge now and proven that he is not only smart but also made maths as his favourite subject. We anticipate that he would always remember the skills and lessons learnt in maths to use them as a driving force to aim higher in his future endeavours as a smart student. God bless him.

This is what the parents of Sherol and Shevon have to say

"Our kids have tried their best with the 100% support of their tutor George and we are really pleased with the tuition and the way how the tutor is following up with the kids. We do recommend Diamond Tutors as a best option to anyone who looks for an option to teach maths to their children. Thanks."

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