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Parth Patel wins our Maths Challenge 2021-22

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

We conduct regular Revision Tests every fortnight as we want our students to make sure they retain what they learn. Whoever achieves 100% mark, three in a row in their tests will be awarded. We proudly announce that our student Parth Patel has won this challenge.

Diamond Tutors student parth
Parth with his tutor George | 23 May 2022

Parth is in year 6 in school. When he joined our maths tuition in Croydon, (Diamond Tutors) his skills in maths were assessed and found that he needed a lot of revision. So a quick revision plan was introduced in place by his tutor and followed.

Parth spent about 8 months learning maths at DT and his cooperation was excellent in coaching. First in place, he listens well and acts on every simple instruction given by his tutor that made the teaching process easy and enjoyable.

Secondly, he maintains all his learning materials by filing them properly and reuses them as his revision materials. I would say, this was one of his success factors in winning this challenge. His habit of preserving his learning materials and lovingly working on it started showing a significant improvement in retaining what he learnt.

When the Maths Challenge was introduced, he showed interest and took a great effort to do well in his revision exams that led him to evolve with passion for learning maths.

Eventually, he has become now that "Smart Student with a Passion for Maths" whom we have expected to create through our teaching approach with this Maths Challenge. Now he is a person with great ambitions who aims higher. God bless him.

Parth with his parent | Diamond Tutors

This is what Parth's parents have to say

"Very good experience with George. Fantastic teaching technique. My son enjoyed his lessons with him. He is very good in maths after George taught him. I am so pleased to have a tutor like him."

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