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Updated: Oct 6, 2022

My son was struggling with his Maths and needed some support to help him improve his grades for GCSE. A friend recommended George as she was already using him for her son. I contacted him straightaway and an appointment was arranged.

He came around and offered a free lesson so that he could understand areas of my son's weaknesses and where to build his confidence. I cannot thank him enough! He gave my son useful tools, which helped him to improve his GCSE Maths using different resources and techniques in the maths tuition, giving my son the confidence to believe in his mathematical abilities as he started to improve in his homework and mock exams.

Honestly, I am beyond satisfied and I have been very impressed with the service we received from George, everything was excellent, he was very professional and helped explore different techniques, it is a shame that GCSE exams were cancelled due to COVID - 19 but I will surely be using him again and I will definitely recommend him.

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